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Stainless Steel Braided Expansion Joints

For the past 50 years, we have based our vibration control mountings, hanger and pad recommendations on field experience. Rubber expansion joints have been tested acoustically and constantly improved for reliability. Since proper seismic restraint not only prevents property dam-age but more importantly saves lives, all of our seismic products are destruction tested for confirmation after design. We would not be living up to our self imposed standards without the same intense engineering attention to Stainless Steel Hose. Experience always provides background for the next step. In machinery vibration control a theoretical isolator often failed to perform because the structure was not as stiff as the isolator. We solved the problem by producing isolators with lower stiffness than the structure. Pipeline vibration reduction is based on hose length, pres¬sure and the bending resistance of the steel piping it is attached to. While a vibration amplitude of ±1/8” would be unacceptably high, our study is based on that dis¬placement as ±1/8” is the industries’ “Pump Connector” standard. When comparing the stiffnesses of straight pipe lengths versus flexible hoses, if the flexible hose has a transverse stiffness greater than the pipe it is connected to, there is no reason why it would reduce vibration transmis¬sion. There is the influence of the system’s inertia based on the mass provided by check and shutoff valves, strain-ers, etc., as well as the mass of the pipe filled with water directly after the flexible hose, but that is a variable. While it must help, it is an unknown.

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